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    When Caroline was born, Marjori (her grandmother) looked for books to share her favorite universities with her granddaughter - without any luck. So together, Marjori and Taylor decided to write children's books about universities around the country.


    Taylor Potter is a wife, mom and business consultant. Taylor graduated from OU in 2011 with B.A. degrees in economics and international studies. Boomer!


    Marjori Maddox Krebs is a wife, mom, grandmother, teacher, and university professor in teacher education. Marjori graduated from OU in 1985 with a B.A. degree in history with an emphasis in education.

  • Literacy is the key to all learning. Read to your child every day!


    Alma Mater Storybooks publishes children’s books about universities around the country. By using the schools’ mascots, children connect with the university in a personal and fun way. There’s something for adults too! Included in each story are fun, meaningful background stories about the histories of different buildings and activities on each campus. Learn about university history and fun facts about each university.

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    More books are underway. Check back soon to see the newest additions to our collection.

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